Shakespeare on the Farm

Shakespeare On The Farm began with a conversation between Stephanie Scherzer, Kim Beal, and Lindsay Doleshal many moons ago when the Farm was nothing but poison ivy, trash, and a dream.  They stood beneath the towering trees, looking to the star-studded sky and Lindsay stated, “this here is the right perfect place for a play.”   And a few lifetimes later, Lindsay found herself beneath those very same trees, now amidst a beautifully sculpted Rain Lily Farm with an engine that could: enter Stephanie Carll.  Stephanie brought with her Omid Gorashi and Ray Wortel and the four plotted with the ladies of Shady to embark on a now epic journey, Shakespeare On The Farm.  The launch of their first production, Much Ado About Nothing, rallied their clan and community together to insure the success of their first show.  It marked the public beginning of Present Company and the beginning of an East Austin tradition. Present Company has since produced  Much Ado About NothingThe Taming of The Shrew, A Winter’s Tale, Caesar, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Rain Lily Farm.   The East Austin community has generously supported the event time and time again and the success of the plays lie in the immense talent of the cast and crew that create them. See y’all on the Farm.